Marketing Designer


LSU 2010 Student Handbook
LSU 2011 Student Handbook
LSU SYMON Advertisement Booklet
Oasis Menu Brochure
LLA Atheletics Brochure
LLA Elementary Brochure
LLA International Brochure
LLA Kindergarten Brochure
LLA Children's Center Brochure
LLA Music Brochure
LLA Resource Personnel Brochure
LLA T.I.E. Brochure
2017 LLA Community Fair
LLA Hallelujah Concert Poster
LLA Fall Open House Poster
LLA Summer Tours Poster
LLA Pro Musica Tour Poster
LLA Young Alumni Vespers Poster

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Rene Flores, BFA, MBA

Marketing Designer

I'm based in Portland, Oregon. I'm also a video gamer, movie buff, musician, outdoorsman, and love dogs.