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The Team

Desiree Quijano

Director of Advancement

Rene Flores

Marketing Coordinator

During my time as a Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer at Loma Linda Academy, I created over 80 design pieces. Many of them were posters, flyers, email, social media, digital billboards, web site, and magazine ads.

One of my major projects was to design a brochure for each department. I've broken up the process into three categories: informaiton gathering, design, and review. For the information process, I worked with eight directors to collect the copy and information I need for each brochure. Then I started the design process. Below were the restrictions and what I've done.

The Restrictions

• Project due in 4 months (1/30/17) for Spring Swim-N-Cinema.

• Target Audience: Millenial Parents.

• 1st Priority: Educational Success Consultations.

• 2nd Priority: Attract Parents to weekly Monday open houses.

Digital Mockups

For the mock up stage, I used Figma for its quick and intuitive use in creating wireframing work. It's also very useful for my boss to see what the finished products would look like. All brochures will have a unified and standard look.


Each department has their own branding colors. E is for elementary, K is for kinder, CC for Children Center, RP for Resource Personnel, M for Music, T for T.I.E., IS for International Students, and A for Athletics. The bright colors made it easy to identify each brochure at first glance.

Final Brochures

Here are the final brochures. The photos were from the school's photography archives. My boss and each department director were happy with the results.

The Results

The project was finished in time for the spring Swim-N-Cinema - an event where parents take their children to the local swiming pool and watch a movie. It's a very popular among the Loma Linda community every year.In 2016, we recorded about 1,500 people in attendnace. $1,800 were raised twards student clubs, 300 info request cards were submitted, and 160 alumni info cards were filled out. As you can see, the brochure helped out with that advertising plan.


Part of my role was to design posters for various school functions and events. Above are some examples of my work.

Print Review

Desiree Quijano, MBA

Director of Advancement

5 of 5 stars