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Pablo Fernandez


Branko Fernandez

Marketing Director

Located in Riverside, California, Oasis Vegetarian Cafe is run by the Fernandez family since 1996. The business promotes healthy living and actively engages with its online followers. They even earned respect from local meat eaters! Their target audience is middle and higher income residents living in Riverside who are vegetarian or seeking a healthy diet.

One of my tasks as a Marketing Designer was to create a series of print collateral with the Oasis team. The three of us often collaborate on projects that would further advertise Oasis' service. Below are the series of prints I've done for them.



One of the first projects I've done for them is the brochure. I worked closely with Branko on food item names, price, and overal branding visual. The pieces were meant to placed on the order desk, tables, and delivery service. Oasis wanted to their customers to familiarize their food offerings before they order- it helps streamline their food prep time.

Business Cards

The next project was to design the business card for a few Oasis administration members. I designed these cards to be consistent with the brand and stand out. I also added a QR code to drive traffic to their website.

Table Top Fliers

The next project ws the tabletop fliers. These were used to advertise news, notifications, and social media contests. These fliers are double sided and placed on every table. The social media contest seen on the photo been successful since its launch and helped increase online followers, online engagement, and business awareness to the community.

Coupon Cards

Another project I worked on was coupon cards. These cards were aimed towards local surrounding businesses near Oasis. We personally dropped them at targeted business within our community. The results were successful when we received several phone calls after a few days of distributing them.

Indoor Welcome Signs

Another project I help create were the welcome signs. These signs were placed throughout the grocery store help visitors know where Oasis territory begins and ends. Since Oasis indoor seating is located inside the La Sierra Natural Foods store, these signs are helpful to visitors.

Email Sign-Up Cards

Another print project was the email sign-up cards. These cards were placed at the order counter where visitors can see it. At the end of the first week, there were 30 signups. The store averaged 40 sign-ups per month for the rest of the year.

Print Review

Pablo Fernandez, MBA


5 of 5 stars

We truly appreciate Rene's insight and work at Oasis. He is incredibly helpful, funny, and enthusiastic throughout his time with us. I wholeheartedly recommend Rene for future projects.