La Sierra University Prints

The Team

Kim Canine

Director of OSI

Rene Flores

Digital Communications Designer

During my time as a Communications Designer at La Sierra University, part of my job was to design prints to help support the Office of Student Involment and La Sierra students. these include the student handbooks and tv monitor advertising booklet for local business.

Student Handbooks

One of my major tasks was to create the student handbook. For these projects, I worked with 10 departments, took photos, updated copy, and designed the handbook. The whole process took about three months. My boss loved the designs.

TV Monitor Advertising Booklet

The next project was more of a idea to get local businesses to advertise on our tv monitors. At La Sierra, we had about 20 monitors across campus with each having the ability to broadcast their own content. This project was quite a success and we were able to raise money for our department to help support student organizaitons who need funds.

Kim Canine, MBA

Director of Office of Student Involvement

5 of 5 stars

Rene is hands-down, one of the best designers our office had. He was incredibly helpful, creative, and a resourceful. I wish you the best your endeavors, Rene!