The Team

Rama Tampubolon



Marketing Designer

Based in Riverside, California., owner and Editor-in-Chief Rama Tampubolon decided to create his own movie blogging business after years of talking nothing but movies. His business venture created opportunities to attend press screenings, cover press junkets, movie studios visits, film festivals, premier parties, and more!

I partner up with Rama and his goal was to attract studio public relations for press opportunities. In order to make this work, we'll have to make his website stand out from other movie review site with the follwoing:

• Create a theme for upcoming blockbuster movies.

• Create fun work that reflects Rama's personality and charm.

• Use the side bars to place our creative themes.

Conan Theme

The first thing I decided to work on is the Conan the Barbarian movie theme. We thought it would be fun to dress up Rama in a wig, sword, and go shirtless. He sported the look quite well! I also used the color palette to create a similar look to the movie marketing collaterial.

Forest Gump Theme

The next thing we worked on is the Forest Gump theme to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Rama really loved this movie and wanted to re-create the bench scene. So I found the perfect bench and got to work. He really loved this look.

Harry Potter theme

I was excited for the next theme, Harry Potter. I love the books and was over the moon for this project. I got him the perfect robes and want for photoshoot.I used the color palette to create a similar look to the movie marketing collaterial. Rama was really impressed.

Superman Theme

Superman is one of Rama's all time favorite comic character and wanted to create a scene for the latest Superman movie. We created a scene with a secretary flirting with Clark while Lois Lane is furious on the other side of the website. We kept the look simple since we want the content to stand out.

Current Website

Here's the latest look to RamaScreen. I only help draft the colors to the website. Click on the image to see his website. I'm sure you'll find something you'll like to read about!

The Results

The website attracted studios like Warner Brothers, lionsgate, and Paramount Pictoures. This lead to press junket opportunities for Rama to attend. In fact, Lionsgate and Paramount studio public relations representatives were impressed with our work and were listed as part of thier communication list to help spread their studio announcements, contests, and special events.


Rama Tampubolon, MBA


5 of 5 stars

I known Rene over the years. He is careful, diligent, and has precise work ethic that gives him added value. I'm always happy with Rene's services and strongly recommend him for future projects.