Marketing Designer

Product Photography

I always have a blast working with different companies photographic their products. The following photos are a range of products taken using a light box or natural light. If you would like to collaborate, let's connect!

What's the Process?

1. The Meeting

I would like to get to know you and listen to your event needs. I want to make sure I’m the right fit for the gig before we can move forward.

2. Booking

Once we decide on a theme and location, you will receive a contract by email to book our date followed by a 50% non-refundable deposit. The contract will also explain the terms and expected final payment date. I accept cash or Chase Quick pay for payment.

3. The Event

This is were I do my thing while you be awesome in all you do!

4. Editing and Online Proofs

You will receive access to Google Drive/Dropbox to see your watermarked proofs. This gives you an opportunity to see what photos you would like me to edit.

5. Online Download

Once the editing process is finished, you will receive an email notice of final payment in exchange for a link to your photos for download. This is where you can make your final payment.

6. Continuing the Relationship

The process doesn't end at delivery with a smile on your face. I'd like to follow up on the results of my work by emailing you a questionnaire.

Ready to book a session?

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Rene Flores, BFA, MBA

Marketing Designer

I'm based in Portland, Oregon. I'm also a video gamer, movie buff, musician, outdoorsman, and love dogs.