Oasis Vegetarian Cafe Website

The Team

Pablo Fernandez


Branko Fernandez

Marketing Director

Located in Riverside, California, Oasis Vegetarian Cafe is run by the Fernandez family since 1996. The business promotes healthy living and actively engages with its online followers. They even earned respect from local meat eaters! Their target audience is middle and higher income residents living in Riverside who are vegetarian or seeking a healthy diet.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Pablo and Branko for their long-term company rebrand mission. One of their proejcts was to design their website.

The Problem

• No Website. Only Yelp.

• Not enough foot traffic.

• Customers phone calling for menus.

• No high resolution photos.

Client Request

• Modern, Clean Website

• Wordpress for client-side upkeep.

• Responsive for all devices.

• High res photos of food.

Site Map

The first thing I created was a site map on how the website will function and appear. Creating a site map guides me through out the project and allows the Oasis team to review and approve each task along the way.


The next step was the wireframe. This also guides me throughout the process and help the Oasis team how the website will look. After a few reviews, below was the final wireframe proof.

Website Colors

I did some research on organic food marketing and found that shopping respond positively to earth colors and tie that in to healthy foods. I propsed a new color set for the website. After a few reviews, below is the final set of colors.

Digital Mockups

The next thing was adding the colors to the mock up. The team and I worked together to find thoughtfully place colors on the website. We aim to have a balanced website that is simple and clean.

Finished Website

After a few reviews and tests, below is the final look of the website. Feel free to visit them by click on the photo below.

The Results

• 4K hits per day

• Increased phone orders by 60%

• 100+ Weekly followers

• 80 weekly menu downloads


Pablo Fernandez

CEO of Oasis Vegetarian Cafe

5 of 5 stars

Rene rocks! He is incredibly helpful, insightful, and talented. I recommend Rene for any graphic and web projects.