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Marketing Director

Located in Riverside, California, Oasis Vegetarian Cafe is run by the Fernandez family since 1996. The business promotes healthy living and actively engages with its online followers. They even earned respect from local meat eaters! Their target audience is middle and higher income residents living in Riverside who are vegetarian or seeking a healthy diet.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Pablo and Branko for their long-term company rebrand mission. Their first project was to re-design the Oasis logo. As you can see in the following image, the logo is very dated.

The team listed what they want for the logo:

• Simple.

• Modern.

• Clean.

• Earthy Colors.

Image Inspiration

I spent some time researching on the organic food industry trends and designs that would reflect Oasis brand and attract their target market. I came across a simple orange logo that would set the creative direction for Oasis' new logo.


I presented my sketches to the Fernandez brothers and decided number 20 was the best sketch to use. They really like the placement of the leaf.

digitized Mockup

I moved forward and created various digitized mockups for approval.


According to my research, people respond well to the color green with organic products. I decided to use light brown, green, and white for the logo.

Logo Guide

As part of the logo package, I created a logo guide with all the information they need keep the brand and logo consistent throughout their marketing projects. This book includes print & online specifications, and many other things requested by the team.

Logo Review

Pablo Fernandez, MBA

CEO of Oasis Vegetarian Cafe

5 of 5 stars

We truly appreciate Rene's insight and work at Oasis. He is incredibly helpful, funny, and enthusiastic throughout his time with us. I wholeheartedly recommend Rene for future projects.