Oasis Email Sign-Up Campaign

The Team

Pablo Fernandez


Branko Fernandez

Marketing Director

Located in Riverside, California, Oasis Vegetarian Cafe is run by the Fernandez family since 1996. The business promotes healthy living and actively engages with its online followers. They even earned respect from local meat eaters! As part of Oasis' major rebrand, I helped develop and execute several email marketing campaigns. Here's one of many I've done over the years. For more information about Oasis, please visit their website or facebook page.

The marketing team at Oasis wanted to create a community of returning customers to be part of the Oasis family. In order to do that, the emails must feel exclusive like sharing company news, special events, and giveaways. We also had a small but attainable goal in mind: to reach 300 email subscribers at the end of the month.

Thank You Email

Once followers signed up, they've immediately received a thank you email. I designed the thank you email with the freebie strategy in mind. So we thanked them by rewarding them with an Oasis rewards card. They can pick up their rewards card at the order counter.

We also offered the convenience to download two menus as well-Main Menu and Catering. We wanted to make it easier for our customers to familiarize our products which will create a better ordering experience for them.

The Results

The website attracted studios like Warner Brothers, lionsgate, and Paramount Pictoures. This lead to press junket opportunities for Rama to attend. In fact, Lionsgate and Paramount studio public relations representatives were impressed with our work and were listed as part of thier communication list to help spread their studio announcements, contests, and special events.


Pablo Fernandez, MBA


5 of 5 stars

We truly appreciate Rene's insight and work at Oasis. He is incredibly helpful, funny, and enthusiastic throughout his time with us. I wholeheartedly recommend Rene for future projects.