La Sierra University

The Team

Kim Canine

Director of OSI

Rene Flores

Digital Communications Designer

As a Digital Communications Designer at La Sierra University, I designed and synthesized university news updates and notices from 40 departmental resources. My role was part of the Office of Student Involvement team (OSI). The OSI uses the SYMON TV interface system which broadcasted hundreds of digital messages to students campus wide.

Large TV Graphics

The large tv graphics are for major messages. They range from campus welcome messages, events, new programs, and messages from senior campus officials. Large tv graphics are available to businesses as well, but charge a premium its space.

Square TV Graphics

The main graphic posts are what most campus departments use to share their messages at no cost. I often design on this space the most because of its popularity of space.

Kim Canine, MBA

Director of Office of Student Involvement

5 of 5 stars

Rene is hands-down, one of the best designers our office had. He was incredibly helpful, creative, and a resourceful. I wish you the best your endeavors, Rene!