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During my time at Loma Linda Academy (LLA), I had the opportunity to design a new logo for the Technology Innovation and Engineering program (T.I.E.). The T.I.E. program is a four-year course designed to prepare high school students for professions in the technical fields such as Manufacturing, Technology, Transportation, and Energy. The program is available for incoming freshmen in good academic standing with an interest in a technical profession. For more information about the program, please visit their website here.

The competition was available to LSU students. They were seeking a design that students would buy and that would reflect the school spirit. Students were free to incorporate any existing university logo into their work. All submission are due within two weeks time frame.

Logo Specs

Gene Oswald was the new Technology Educator at LLA and needed someone to design a new logo he envisioned. The logo he wanted was very specific and obviously took some time to think about. He wanted the following:

Since the team target market is young college students, they are looking for a logo that is:

• Two working gears with a light bulb in the middle.

• Incorporate the light bulb with gears.

• Must put "Technology, Innovation, Engineering" on the bottom of the logo.


Mr. Oswald already sketched the idea on a piece of paper. He simply handed it over to me to see if it's something I can do. I gladly accepted the project and proceeded to ask more questions as well as sharing ideas with each other.



The logo was also used in various documents as watermarks and other branding styles. The example below is a watermark example used as a certificate.


I also got to use the logo for their program brochure. My marketing team and I decided it's best to go with the greyscale logo because the colored version will attract too much attention to the page. We want the reader to read the information and not overwhelm them.


Mr. Oswald wanted to the logo to be on black sweaters for events. He thought it was a good way to market the T.I.E. program outside LLA. I agree and added wearing them as often as possible around town is a great way to build curiosity among the Loma Linda community. The next step is to place a QR code on sweaters for next year. Since many people have Snapchat, the viewer can scan the QR code and take them to the T.I.E. webpage to seek more information.

Logo Review

Gene Oswald

TIE Instructor

5 of 5 stars

When I wanted to create a BRAND logo for the Technology, Innovation, and Engineering (TIE) program at Loma Linda Academy I teamed up with Rene to make this a reality. I wanted him to create a logo that would stand out and set it apart from the main school logo. Working with Rene made this project easy. He is an excellent designer that worked diligently to create something that I would be very happy with. He had many ideas but he took everything I wanted and made it a reality. Rene accomplished this task in an efficient manner and I was amazed at how quickly we were able to accomplish this task. I highly recommend Rene to anyone looking for high-quality work.