Embracing Diversity at Loma Linda Academy

Loma Linda Academy

The Team

Desiree Quijano

Director of Advancement

Rene Flores

Marketing Manager

Loma Linda Academy is a distinguished private Seventh-day Adventist school in Loma Linda, California. As an integral part of the Loma Linda University Health System and the larger Seventh-day Adventist community, the academy provides holistic education that combines academic excellence with Christian values. With a curriculum spanning from Kindergarten to 12th grade, Loma Linda Academy is one of the largest academies in Sourthern California. They foster an environment where students are encouraged to thrive intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

I was brought on board to spearhead the transformation of Loma Linda Academy's social media marketing strategy. Tasked with attracting prospective Millennial parents who earn at least 30K annually and reside near Loma Linda, my role was to convey the school's distinctive values, diverse academic programs, and vibrant community engagement on social media. Through targeted campaigns, engaging content, and strategic online outreach, the aim was to showcase Loma Linda Academy as the ideal choice for parents seeking a forward-looking education rooted in timeless principles, tailored to the needs of today's families.

Social Communities I Managed

Previous Social Stategy

  • Broadcasting all events.
  • No advertising budget.
  • Little social engagement.
  • Mixed Open House attendance.

New Social Stategy

Example of Open House "Summer Tours" sign-up post.

  • Update social posts to undustry standards.
  • Prioritize weekly and major open houses organically and paid ads.
  • Utilize incentives, enfluencers, and key community followers.
  • Broadcast community and cultural events.
  • Highlight selective class events and trips to increase engagement.
  • Celebrate staff.

Highlighting Diversity

  • Reflect the student body to attract more diverse and inclusive prospects.
  • Celebrate cultural events and stories.
  • Share Language Diversity.
  • Foster connections through universal themes.


  • Increased 35% of landing page clicks from prospective families within the year.
  • Generated 60% more social media clicks.
  • Raised social media traffic by 60% by partnering with social influencers.


Desiree Quijano, MBA

Director of Advancement

5 of 5 stars