LLA Email Campaigns

The Team



Rene Flores

Marketing Manager

During my time at Loma Linda Academy, part of my job as a Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer was to take lead in email marketing. I worked with LLA's marketing and advancement department to send out open house invitations, alumni gatherings, and campus newsletters.

My overall tasks were to research previous campaign reports, meet with the campus recruiter to strategize next campaign, design graphics, seek feedback with my team, list selection/segmentation, perform A/B testing, and co-write copy with the campus recruiter. I often kept myself informed by following Phrasee, Litmus, MailChimp, and Freshmail for the latest news on email marketing. I also took photographs for email as well.

The team listed what we agreed for all emails:

• Simple Design.

• Clear Call-to-Action.

• Attractive Graphics.

Joni Woodhouse, MBA

Director of Alumni Relations

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