How Diverse Engagement Skyrocketed at La Sierra University.

La Sierra University

The Team

Kim C.

Director of OSI

Rene Flores

Digital Communications Designer

The Office of Student Involvement at La Sierra University provides diverse opportunities for students to engage, lead, and thrive within the university community. Committed to fostering a vibrant and active campus atmosphere, the office offers avenues for entertainment, leadership development, administrative assistance, promotional efforts, and comprehensive support for student organizations. The Office of Student Involvement's primary role is to cultivate a sense of belonging and engagement among students, striving to empower them to fully immerse themselves in the La Sierra experience while fostering an environment of inclusivity, camaraderie, and personal growth.

As a communication designer, one of my responsibilities was to oversee their social media communications. During that period, our team searched for ways to enhance student engagement. The university and other departments were eager to register with Facebook and Twitter. However, monitoring university communications would become challenging if numerous departments and clubs had individual profiles. Fortunately, we discovered a solution that significantly increased student engagement and improved communications that adhere to brand and design standards.

Social Community I Managed


  • Too many social media accounts
  • Difficulty monitoring university communications.
  • Difficult to track student engagement.


  • Private community software called Orgsync.
  • Connects with campus communities on a centralized platform.
  • Features such as events management, analytics, and social posts.
  • Ability to merge with current campus security systems and portal.

Social Media Feed

Orgsync catagorizes feeds by campus departments and student clubs.

Social Media Posts


  • Successfully monitor university communications and adhere to brand standards.
  • Eagle Connect debuted and became part of official student registration..
  • Boosted 80% in social media engagement within six months.
  • Exceeded 90% of all campus event attendance goals.


Kim C., MBA

Director of Office of Student Involvement

5 of 5 stars

Rene is hands-down, one of the best designers our office had. He was incredibly helpful, creative, and a resourceful. I wish you the best your endeavors, Rene!