Revamping Johnstone's Social Media Strategy

Johnstone Supply

The Team

Hank Lea

E-Commerce & Marketing Communications Manager

Rene Flores

Digital Marketing Specialist

Johnstone Supply (JS) is a leading wholesale distributor of HVAC/R equipment, parts, and supplies for contractors across the U.S. and Canada. All JS projects are based on the core mission, Making it Easy for the HVACR Contractor to do Business, emphasizing product selection, availability, and eCommerce. As a Digital Marketing Specialist within the corporate Advertising team, I guide and create social media and digital marketing campaigns for 450 JS international stores.

Social Communities I Managed



  • Evolved paid and organic social campaigns for 450 international storefronts through strategy and social tools.
  • Evolved over 1,200+ social and digital visual assets through client consultations.
  • Increase storefront social presence by 120% through RenderSEO platform within the last year.

Previous Social Stategy

  • Lost money by marketing products for free.
  • Long post creation process with over 30 posts per month.
  • Poor data collection.

New Social Strategy

  • Paid posts only.
  • Promos, deals, limited time offers.
  • Reduce production time resulting in quality posts.
  • Improved data collection through UTMs and Google Anaytics 4
  • Implemented RenderSEO for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for post scheduling.

New Social Media Guidelines

  • Updated guidelines from 2018.
  • Set social media standards to 450 international storefronts.
  • Section include policies, best practices, content creation guidelines, etc.
  • Available to download via Johnstone's knowlege portal to ensure brand consistency.

Resideo Summer of Savings Campaign

Summer of Savings promo is the first of its kind where we highlight products with incentives for HVAC contractors starting in summer 2022. This campaign is part of a overhaul to improve promotions with better prizes.

  • Products are from different vendors.
  • Controls & IAO are stakeholders for this campaign.
  • Additional support from magazine layout designer and web developer.
  • Valid all month and distributed once a week.
  • Landing page for more info.
  • Goal: 1K sign-ups.

1K Gas Card Social Media Post

  • Designed graphics, wrote copy, and UTM codes.
  • Updated post to industry standards.
  • Used RenderSEO for post scheduling.
  • Analyzed post via GA4, Facebook Insights, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and RenderSEO.
  • Uploaded to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via RenderSEO.

Monthly Flyer

A magazine flyer shipped to store fronts for contractors to purchase. The flyer includes discounts, small promos, and contests. About 95% of HVAC contractors use our flyers to view and order products. We used this opportunity to place the Summer of Savings ad on the magazine cover and third page.


Email graphic I designed and provided copy that was approved by the product team. We used Constant Contact to create email templates for stores to use to ensure their email design and message is consistant with brand standards.

Counter Flyers

  • Placed on POS counter in-line of contractor’s view.
  • Small enough for contractors to take home.
  • Balance between vendor and JS brand standards.
  • Available on JEN, our internal portal, for store managers to download and print.

Website Static Banner

Web asset placed on bottom right that is linked to landing page.

  • High visibility.
  • Image linked to landing page.
  • Available to download for store locations via JEN asset portal.
  • Static banner is better than rotating banner in this case.

Showroom Loop

TV mounted in every storefront lobby known as The Showroom.

  • I designed Motion Graphics via Adobe After Effects.
  • Used Triggerpoint Software for distribution.

On-Hold Phone Advertising Messages

I also wrote the Summer of Savings phone advertising message for 450 strefronts for storefronts to use.

Please hold. We value your business and will be with you shortly. The Resideo Summer of Savings is heating up! Now through July 31st, purchase any qualifying Resideo thermostat and you’ll be registered to win a $1,000 prepaid gas card, and automatic entry into the August grand prize of $25,000! Learn more at
  • Message prioritize at top of document script.
  • Service provided by Woodstock Media.


  • 2K signs ups.
  • 10 gas card winners.
  • 800 social clicks
  • Over 3k landing page views.
  • $45K in purchases

Hank Lea, MBA

E-Commerce & marketing Communications Manager

5 of 5 stars

Rene has been very good and working with Members to improve flyers, graphics, and social media content. His work is highly regarded by both internal and external customers and provides a crucial resource to our internal programs. Rene is very responsive and supportive of our customers.