Oasis Sign-Up Campaign

Oasis VIP Email Sign-Up Campaign

About Oasis

Located in Riverside, California, Oasis Vegetarian Cafe is run by the Fernandez family since 1996. The business promotes healthy living and actively engages with its online followers. They even earned respect from local meat eaters! As part of Oasis' major rebrand, I helped develop and execute several email marketing campaigns. Here's one of many I've done over the years. For more information about Oasis, please visit their website or facebook page.

The Campaign and Goal:

The marketing team at Oasis wanted to create a community of returning customers to be part of the Oasis family. In order to do that, the emails must feel exclusive like sharing company news, special events, and giveaways. We also had a small but attainable goal in mind: to reach 300 email subscribers at the end of the month.

Email Strategy

The Landing Page:

The first design I created was the sign-up landing page. I've taken a photo of their veggie wrap and coded the webpage using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. I also placed a link on the submit button to record sign-up clicks.

Next, I wrote a post and placed the link on Facebook. I also boosted the Facebook to further reach our target audience within 20 miles of Oasis' location.

Facebook Sign-Up Tab

Facebook also had an option of placing our sign up form on our business page tab. Although I had to create another post to inform our audience they could also sign up by clicking on the "VIP Email Sign-Up" tab. Luckily, Facebook gave us the option to move the tab closer to the top for better visibility.

Our Print Sign-Up Card:

I also designed a print version of this form. It was placed at the order counter where visitors can see it, take a card, and sign up. Customers would then drop the sign-up card inside a box.

Email Distribution

Thank You Email

Once followers signed up, they've immediately received a thank you email. I designed the thank you email with the freebie strategy in mind. So we thanked them by rewarding them with an Oasis rewards card. They can pick up their rewards card at the order counter.

We also offered the convenience to download two menus as well-Main Menu and Catering. We wanted to make it easier for our customers to familiarize our products which will create a better ordering experience for them.

The Newsletter

Once a month, we drop a newsletter on what's going on at Oasis. Below is an example of one of our big announcements: Sunset Saturdays.

Ready to Invest?

Thank you for reading! If you’re serious about your business, hiring a professional Marketing Designer is the best decision you can make for your company. If you have any questions, please contact me. Until next time!

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