2011 LaSU Spring Email Newsletter

La Sierra University

At La Sierra's Office of Student Involvement:

During my time as a Communications Designer at La Sierra University (LaSU), I designed and synthesized university news updates and notices from 40 departmental resources. Our department, The Office of Student Involvement, uses the SYMON TV interface system which broadcasted about 30 posts per day.

One of my tasks as a Communications Designer was to create and distribute the Eagle Cry emails to students about campus activities and news. We got our email list from the registrar's office where they kept all current active students for the quarter. Then we stored them in the OrgSync database until our next email distribution.

Beta Testing A New Service:

OrgSync is a campus engagement network that connects students to organizations, clubs, and departments on campus in a private online community. It's sort of like having our own private social media platform. It offers many benefits on the administration side such as streamlining digital paperwork, create events and analyze all our email campaigns to better understand our students. Since it was our first year using this service, we wanted to beta test it to our students before the university would commit to a contract. We wondered if our students would be using the service in the hight of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Goal:

Track how many students are really using OrgSync to complete a task.

The Eagle Cry Spring Newsletter:

My first task was to design the spring edition of the Eagle Cry. The software I used to create these emails were Photoshop, Illustrator, and OrgSync. Every Eagle Cry newsletter was an interdepartmental effort. In this case, I received an email copy from the vice president of student life and the director of the registrar's office.

Once I received all necessary copies, I applied the university brand colors and graphics to the email design. I designed the email to be clean, modern, colorful and easy to read. I also added an OrgSync code to the Call To Action button "Let's Go!". Below is one example of our quarterly newsletter from OSL.

The Result:

We found that 90% of students registered through email. Within email marketing, 60% through mobile devices and 30% through the desktop. We clearly saw the potential of using OrgSync and it's email marketing platform. Our students had no issue to register for an additional platform since OrsSync can connect with our Google Education e-mail.

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