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At Changing People's Lives:

During my time at Changing People's Lives International Ministries (CPL), I was contracted as an Email Designer for The Esperanza Para Mi Cuidad campaign. CPL is an Adventist Christian Ministry specializing in benefiting people in communist countries like North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, China, and Cuba. In other words, they focus on people who are in physical and spiritual need through three major divisions: Humanitarian Relief, International Mission Services, and Gospel Outreach.

The Esperanza Para Mi Cuidad campaign:

I was approached by CPL to design an attractive email that would encourage people to visit their campaign page to donate. The Esperanza Para Mi Cuidad is an Evangelistic Crusade that was held in Cuba. Their goal was to baptize 500 people by the end of their event.

I collaborated with Elizabeth Negrete, the campaign manager at the time, to listen to all her requirements for the email. We decided to create a lead email that will attract donors to their website sign-up page. Elizabeth provided the copy and photos while I designed the email.

I created the email with a modern look with sections of parts of the program they wish to donate. I've designed the copy in sections because it's easier to read than to have an entire three paragraph copy in one email. Elizabeth agreed that sponsoring program materials indicate the type of donor they were as well as tailoring future emails to their behavior.

We've sent five emails within two months of the event. By the end of the campaign, the event was fully funded and a surplus of over $3,000 that could be used for sponsoring other programs.

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