Case Study: LSU Minute to Win It Logo

The Ignite Program

During my time as a Media Communications Designer at the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), I was given an opportunity to work on a logo and t-shirt project for IGNITE. For those who are not familiar with La Sierra University (LaSU) events, IGNITE is a three-day event filled with fun activities to welcome freshmen to the La Sierra community. The department of Student Life spearheaded IGNITE every year and all freshmen are required to attend. IGNITE was designed to challenge students physically, spiritually, and mentally through team collaboration.

At IGNITE, students are assigned to groups called "family groups" with two student leaders. These student leaders are meant to guide freshmen student throughout IGNITE and their first year in college. For more information about the IGNITE, please visit their webpage at La Sierra University.

The Minute to Win It Games

One of many activities at IGNITE is Minute to Win It, a program filled with mini-games where students have a minute or less to complete a task against their opponent. If a student fails, a certain number of points is taken away from the team. The team with the highest points would win prizes or privileges throughout the weekend.

The Minute to Win It Logo

At OSI, our department was responsible for the majority of marketing and preparations for IGNITE. The Director of OSI, Kim Canine, needed me to design the Minute to Win It logo that incorporates the LSU eagle and a clock. This logo was to be printed on yellow shirts for all leaders to wear. These shirts would promote the Minute to Win It games when freshmen arrived at IGNITE.

Since the concept was straightforward, no sketching was needed to create the logo. Instead, I created a digital mockup and had it finalized within the hour.

The team decided to go with yellow and brown because it was a great combination of colors. It would be attention grabbing since it was going to be the brightest shirt all IGNITE officials would wear.

Finalized Shirt

As you can see, the logo was made big enough to be read from a distance.

People Loved The Shirt!

I'm happy to say all leaders and officials proudly wore the shirt. Leaders received many compliments about the shirt. The games reached capacity and the students made wonderful memories during their stay at IGNITE. Many students were given free Minute to Win It shirts.

Logo Review

Kim Canine

LSU OSI Director

5 of 5 stars

Rene is hands-down, one of the best designers our office had. He was incredibly helpful, creative, and a resourceful. I wish you the best your endeavors, Rene!

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