Case Study: LSU Eagle Shirt Competition

The Competition

In spring 2012, the La Sierra University bookstore announced their t-shirt design competition. Their idea was to sell a t-shirt designed by a student, made for students. The winning design will be sold at the bookstore and online.

The Rules

The competition was available to LSU students. They were seeking a design that students would buy and that would reflect the school spirit. Students were free to incorporate any existing university logo into their work. All submission are due within two weeks time frame.

Thought and Sketch

Before sketching, I took some time to walk around campus to understand my target audience. I noticed many students wore ambiguous designed shirts. Which lead me to take a chance on designing something ambiguous around an existing logo. Since the Eagle logo was recognizable, I think the design would work on a t-shirt.

Finalized Design

Once I digitized the sketch, I added "La Sierra University" to corralate the art and the school. I also matched the blue t-shirt color to help judges visualize the end product.


Online Store

After being selected as the winner. My design was posted online for sale for about two months. According to the store manager, there were about 200 shirts sold online.

Campus Bookstore

The bookstore had a t-shirt display of my work ready for sale. I did a quick photo-op and was presented with an award for first place. There were about 230 t-shirts sold at the bookstore stand within a two month time period.

Logo Review

Ryan Burnett

LSU Bookstore Manager

5 of 5 stars

I love Rene's work because of his approach to reach the audience based on what's likely to sell. It had style and the students loved it. I wish Rene the best in his future design endeavors!

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