Case Study: LLA Fair Logo

The Team

Lisa Corrales

LLA Fair Coordinator

Rene Flores

Graphic Designer

During my time at Loma Linda Academy, I had the opportunity to design a logo for their annual community fair. Not only is it known as one of the biggest events of the school year, it is also one of the most important events of the year because it connects with the local community. Additionally, it also serves as advertising for the school through word of mouth and social media. The average attendance is around 1,500 people; therefore, our school would usually need about 60 staff, faculty, and students to make this event possible.

Lisa Corrales, the fair coordinator for the year, approached me about designing a logo for the first task. She wanted the fair theme to be Route 66. We also discussed the entire project timeline and had a week to create the logo. She outlined the following thigs the logo must reflect:

• Promote LLA Fair to the local community
• Route 66 theme
• Must be recognizable
• Easily Visible in any size

Brain Storming

I wrote down the top 20 words that related to the logo, then narrowed that list down to five words. I used these remaining words to visualize what the logo may look like. I also used these words as my keyword search on Google and Pinterest for inspiration. As a good practice, I searched online to make sure the logo I imagined hasn't already been created.

• Route 66 sign • Rusty • Fall colors • Diners/desert roads • Radiator Springs

Image Inspiration

Next, I gathered five to seven images based on my top ten words. I carefully eliminated all but the two best images to use as the source of my logo inspiration. As you can see in the image below, the source of my inspiration came from the landscape, Flo's V8 sign and the shape of the motel sign. I also used the car grill on the second image for the source of the logo inspiration.


I sketched ten drafts for presentation to Lisa. The one we selected had a travel vibe with a clear indication of a Route 66 theme. Also important was the fact that it can be seen from a few feet away on any printed or digitized medium for distribution.

Finalized Logo

I often choose five colors and then work down to three; however, in this case, I kept all five colors because they had stronger contrast than three colors. I decided that desert colors of red, orange, and grey worked well together. Once I finalized the logo, Lisa approved my work and we moved on to the distribution phase.



The first project for distribution were posters and fliers. I sketched my idea of a desert road then presented it to Lisa. She loved the idea and allowed me to move forward with it. Below are the final poster and flier versions.

Social Media

The next project was to design digital graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The challenge I faced was the smaller post dimensions for each online platform as well as keeping the theme with the logo consistent. I solved this issue by taking the top part of the poster and making the sky as the background. Doing so allowed easy reading and good contrast, while keeping consistency between the printed and digital versions.

Email Marketing

The flier graphic was used in several of our email campaigns to be sent to every student and parent. It was also distributed to prospective families.


I created another graphic for the school's website front page. The graphic was linked to the official community fair webpage where visitors can find more information about our fair.

Digital Billboard

One of the bigger tasks was to get our graphic onto a digital billboard. After several negotiations with a local billboard company, we were able to have our announcement posted on a digital billboard next to the 10 freeway near Loma Linda, California for a month up to the date of the event.

Local Newspapers

Our graphics were distributed in several local publications available to our target audience. Because each publication required specific sizes, I had to resize our graphic to each newspaper's specifications. Below is an example of one local publication, The Trading Post, a popular newsletter in Loma Linda.

Booth Map

A week before the fair, I designed a booth map that will help fair volunteers and visitors get familiarized with the area.

Photo Frame for Social Media Tags

One idea I brought to the table was to create a frame for social media shares. I designed and created a 30x25 frame to pass around to people during the fair. It was very successful and was used in approximately 350 photos.

Snapchat Filter

Another idea I brought to the table was the snapchat filter. I designed this filter to market the fair though mobile. We ended with over 7,000 views and 300 uses.

Logo Review

Lisa Corrales

LLA Fair Coordinator, 2016

5 of 5 stars

Rene is an excellent designer. Working with him had been a smooth experience. He is understanding, efficient, and gets the job done in a timely manner. I'd recommend Rene to anyone who's looking for a high quality designer.

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