Case Study: J&C Contruction Logo

The Client

Juan Flores


A couple years ago, I had the opportunity to create a logo for my brother's construction company called J&C. It's a small company based in Washington state. They focused on home construction and repairs for middle and high-income class clients.

Juan is looking for a logo that is simple, easy to read, modern, and a tad creative. It needs to say J&C Construction General Contraction LLC.

Brain Storming

The brainstorming session was pretty straightforward. I had to figure out how to use the letters J&C in a creative manner that's easy to read on marketing materials, business cards, and t-shirts. The best approach was to use thick letters and incorporate white space.

Digitized Mockups

I skipped the sketch portion of this project and jump straight into creating mockups. I created several versions and tested how legible the letters are from a distance.


Juan likes his colors to be white, grey, and black. I thought they were great because they accentuate the letters on most colors background materials.

Finalize Logo

After careful planning and debate, we decided to go with the two color tone logo. The logo is much more modern, sleek, yet simple. It's very easy to read and the letters are thick.

Logo Guide

A logo guide is provided with this service to inform the owner with all the logo specifications and guidelines for all marketing needs.

Logo Review

Juan Flores


5 of 5 stars

Rene listens well and he has a pretty quick turn around rate. I'm happy with the logo he designed for me and encourage anyone who is looking for a designer to work with Rene.

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