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Rene Flores

Hey all!

RamaScreen was invited to attend Youtube Music Night and I was chosen to be his official photographer for the evening. For those who don’t know me well, I love youtube and follow many youtubers during the past couple years. So I was very excited and honored to join Rama for the event and let loose! ahem, I mean, looking forward to work hard that night

Rama and I dress up in Santa hats expecting a christmas party since our last visit was a Halloween party. Upon arrival, it was clearly not what we thought and found this event celebrated Youtube’s popular musicians. No christmas party there! We were two out of three silly heads that appeared in christmas attire. Fortunately we didn’t care because we were too happy to be right next to some of Youtube’s popular stars such as Kina Grannis, Alex G, Max Schneider, and many more. Sadly I couldn’t make it in time to snap some photos of Kina because unbeknown to me, there where two stages that the event. So when Kina went on stage, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and had no idea where the second stage was. I was sad only for a moment until I realized I already taken photos of her at another event last year.

So, what is Youtube Space LA? Well, it’s a very big place were astronauts go to get more training to upgrade communication systems in outer space. So more people can watch youtube videos around the world. Cool right? Ha! No, becuase that’s a lie. It’s simply an airplane hanger remodeled into a modern environment with nifty furniture, open bars, free taco trucks for days, gigantic tv’s everywhere, an indoor theater, plenty of recording rooms, and bathrooms where both genders can enjoy each other’s company. It’s a pretty cool place. And their parties are even cooler! If you missed out on their event, here’s a link for your enjoyment:

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If you have any questions or bookings, feel free to contact me. Until next time friends!

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