I find yoga to be an interesting form of stress reliever. Staying in one place to stretch your body that appears uncomfortable. I tried a few poses about two weeks ago. The results? I fell on my face a couple times. It definitely takes practice. But I do know someone who is GREAT at yoga. Her name is Amanda and it's her thing.

I reached out to Amanda about a concept I wanted to try with yoga on a mountain side. She was really excited for the task. We set up a day and met up at Blue Mountain. The location was really windy and cold but that didn't stop us to reach the top of Blue Mountian. Throughout our climb, I had Amanda try a few poses at various spots against the strong wind. Not only did she did a great job, she was brave!

If you have not taken the time to hike on Blue Mountian, I HIGHLY recommend you to try it during sunset. The city landscape is GORGEOUS. See for yourself:

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