Kina Grannis At Pittsford Park

Rene Flores

Hey Friends!

You know what’s awesome? Taking photos of internet pop star Kina Grannis with Keith Tutt II on stage!

I was pretty excited to have an opportunity to meet Kina and Keith at their recent outdoor concert at Pitsford Park in Lake Forest, Ca.. My friend Steevee informed me about the concert because she knew I’m a big fan. I first heard of Kina when she was doing music covers and originals on youtube back in 2007. This may sound a bit strange but I felt like I know her because how she constantly upload videos to share her musical journey and how often she video chats with her internet followers. She’s very friendly and giggles a lot in person. She’s pretty tiny too.

I really like her music style and melancholy themes. Most of her music feels so peaceful and soft. My favorite songs are “Cambridge” “Heart and Mind” “World in Front of Me” “Stars Falling Down” and “Together”. Well, I actually like all her music ha ha : ) Cambridge and Heart & Mind felt more personal to me because they remind me of some moments in my previous relationships experience. Any way, here are a few photos of what I took that day. I hope you guys enjoy them! Here’s a video of the concert posted by youtuber William Ramsey. Nice work!

There you have it! Need a Photographer?

If you have any questions or looking for a photographer, feel free to contact me. Until next time friends!

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