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Have you ever been on top of a mountain during sunset before? It's amazing and beautiful! My wonderful friend Dre contacted me and wanted a different and edgy senior portrait. So after discussing a view interesting ideas, I decided to take her to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.

On the day of our shooting, the location was very windy and Dre was worried that her hair would mess up her photos. I told her not to worry and provided a few bobby pins. I also gave her a few hand poses that would help fight against the wind. Then I timed my shots very well to get the epic look she wanted.

During our session, Dre and I talked how powerful we felt standing on boulders overlooking the valley. It felt amazing. I would like to point out that Dre did a fantastic job. She is a natural model! Look how glorious she looks in these photos below! Interesting fact: I tend to listen to epic soundtrack music before doing any portrait shots. For this senior portrait, “Earth” by Hans Zimmer from Man Of Steel movie.

Dre on Mt. Rubidoux 1 Dre on Mt. Rubidoux 2 Dre on Mt. Rubidoux 3 Dre on Mt. Rubidoux 4

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If you have questions or want book a session, feel free to contact me. Until next time friends!

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I'm based in Portland, Oregon. I'm also a video gamer, movie buff, musician, outdoorsman, and love dogs.