Carrington T-shirt shoot

Rene Flores

Hey Friends!

This past summer I had a great opportunity to work with Kevin Carrington of Kevin’s’ website makes the popular iPad Case called the M-C iPad case. The “M-C” represents the collaboration between two companies “Mbarqgo” and “Carrington Case”.

Kevin and I met up and we were excited to share his plans and promote his T-shirt “Limited Edition” line. I was happy to help him set up a photo shoot session with his t-shirt models. Of the hundred photos I took, below are some of the results.

Also, a portion of all proceeds from their products go toward scholarships and resources for gifted high school students and young people who are interested in science and technology. You can support Carrington Company by purchasing the “Limited Edition” t-shirt at And while you’re on there, take a look at their other offerings. Until next time friends!

There you have it! Need a Photographer?

If you have any questions or looking for a photographer, feel free to contact me. Until next time friends!

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